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Tylusis vejos purkštuvas besisukantis automatiškai 360° kampu

Norite palaistyti sodą veją? O gal padūkti su vaikais ?

Šis vejos purkštuvas sukasi 360° ir tinka laistyti veją, gėles, krūmus sodą.

Mūsų tiekėjai sūkūrė itin gražų, išsamų ir menišką aprašymą anglų kalba tad paliksime ir jį pasiskaityti 😊

  • Do you wish a toy that you can play with your kids outdoor on hot days?
  • Do you want a tool to help you to give your plants a drink and you can have more time to do other thing?
  • Lawn Sprinkler will be the one that you must have!
  • The Lawn Sprinkler can watering your lawn, plants, flowers, veggies and more.
  • The Garden Sprinkler can just be used as a fun water activity game for the kids outdoors. perfectly suit for kids to play with.
  • The Water Sprinkler can be rotated 360 degree to make sprays, the way that it spins, it gets more of the lawn much better.
  • The High Impact Sprinkler System is very quiet, it sounds like slight rain and sprays like dancing.
  • Multi-Purpose:
    Lawn irrigation, Garden watering, yard irrigation, agricultural field irrigation, Square cooling.
    The versatile lawn sprinkler can even be used as a fun sprinkler to keep children playing and calm down on hot and sunny days.
    It’s a cost effective alternative to going to the water park that your kids will absolutely love!
  • Wide Coverage:
    NiceFit Garden Sprinkler Heads range up to 26ft-32.8 ft with international standard pipes and water pressure(80 PSI).
  • Different Sprinkling Modes:
    Sprayer garden water sprinkler has adjustable nozzles allows you to switch different kinds of sprinkling mode to satisfy your various water spraying needs.
    Automatically rotating arms angle can be adjusted 45 – 90 degree to control spray speed and direction, take better care of each piece of soil moisture that provides even coverage.
  • Size: 13*13*23cm
  • Material: ABS